Psalmstre’s New Placenta Facial Toner is a wonderful skin-whitening product.  Thanks to the activity of the combined ingredients such as Papaya extract, natural lactic acid, Aloe extract, Natural ethyl alcohol from Sugar cane and Botanical Placenta Extract, this natural facial toner will re-establish and maintain your natural acidic skin pH, remove residues of soap and dirt, and pre-moisturize your skin. With the whitening properties of lactic acid and the additional tissue regeneration of Aloe, it is now so much easier to have a truly healthy, blemish-free and pimple-free, smoother, younger looking, glowing and fair skin . . . naturally only with New Placenta Facial Toner


     Psalmstre’s New Placenta Hand and Body Lotion with SPF is a truly effective skin-whitening moisturizer and protector with Botanical Placenta Extract.  Thanks to the combined activity of Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe extract, Natural lactic acid, Papaya extract, Vitamin E, real goat’s milk and Botanical Placenta Extract - this Natural Hand and Body Lotion will maintain your natural skin pH and safely whiten, moisturize, nourish, and protect your skin and at the same time fight damage caused by ultraviolet radiation of the ever-present sun!  Having a healthier, smoother, younger looking, glowing and fair skin is now so much more a reality . . . naturally with New Placenta Hand and Body Lotion.


Psalmstre's "ALL NEW" New Placenta Day Cream replenishes and provides the skin the ammunition to fight aging and to repair the damage caused by the sun's ultraviolet radiation and environmental pollution. With the natural Sun protection Factor, the ingredients are formulated to whiten, moisturize and hydrate the skin making it softer, smoother and rosier. New Placenta Day Cream helps whiten, nourish, regenerate and firm the skin.


Psalmstre's "ALL NEW" New Placenta Regenerative Night Cream replenishes your skin while you are sleeping, reduces the damage caused by environmental aggressions and prepares your skin for another demanding day. New Placenta Regenerative Night Cream helps whiten, nourish, regenerate and firm your skin while sleeping and at the same time acts against premature aging.

New Placenta Classic Soap

Psalmstre’s New Placenta Classic Soap is a highly effective skin-whitening bar with Placenta Extract. Thanks to the activity of the combined ingredients such as Papaya extract, Virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Botanical Placenta Extract. This beauty soap acts as a very wonderful moisturizer, exfoliant, anti-oxidant and antibacterial at the same time. As a result of this “New Placenta Soap Experience” you can easily achieve a blemish-free, smoother, younger looking, glowing and fair skin … naturally only with New Placenta Classic Soap.

New Placenta with Goat's Milk Soap

Psalmstre’s New Placenta Soap with Goat’s Milk is a highly effective, mild, skin-whitening cleansing bar. Thanks to the combined ingredients such as Virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Botanical Placenta Extract and with the added skin nutrients in Goat’s milk, this mildly beauty bar is an excellent moisturizer, exfoliant, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial at the same time. With the high content in skin nutrients and skin-defending manganese from Goat’s milk, your skin will surely be … only with New Placenta Soap with delicious Goat’s milk.

Now with double-acting anti-aging + goat’s milk

Psalmstre New Placenta Beauty Soap has superb whitening content and softener with double-acting anti-aging property containing active natural botanicals that keep the skin younger and naturally light. It also contains an effective anti-irritant booster and spectrum sun protection that exfoliates, rejuvenates, and minimizes fine lines and blotchy discoloration.

Now with imported goat’s milk, PSALMSTRE New Placenta is more than just a 2 in 1 beauty soap. Rich in skin vitamins, it also helps to remove body odor, wrinkles, pimples, acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin asthma and other skin diseases

How does it work?

It reduces the possibility of premature aging by removing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin by mildly peeling off rough skin due to sun damage, wrinkles, and other skin problems like blemishes. PSALMSTRE New Placenta Soap rejuvenates the skin by complementing and supplying the necessary anti0aging nutritive requirements that the skin needs

The year 2000 marked the entry of Placenta beauty soap in the market. Accented by a successful media campaign, it created a cult following among the beauty conscious as brought about by its efficacy. Made from plant placenta and fruit extracts, it was proven to be effective in helping to alleviate aging and in creating a healthier, younger looking skin. Being the original placenta soap, it has earned the title among skin experts as the "Skin Whitening and Anti-aging soap in one."

Six months later, Acosta began to realize the need for a new variety of product capable of protecting the skin from the harsh effects of the sun. With this in mind, Placenta cream was born and dominated all the other skin care products currently in the market today.  Psalmstre understands the skincare needs of people with demanding lifestyle.  Thus, Placenta Hand and Body Lotion was also introduced, followed by the Placenta Toner, completing the now popular Placenta Beauty Care Product Line.

Acosta’s fairy tale success and humble disposition remains to be the driving force in the company’s success.  With his solid advertising background and time spent investing in media networking, his capacity to detect pitfalls and his keen marketing acumen in promoting a virtually unknown product is an exceptional skill to be reckoned with.

Olive C Milk Soap, Olive C Anti-Pimple, Olive C Papaya Soap

For skin cleansing, Olive C Papaya soap aids in bringing out the best out of your skin by giving it that youthful glow and smoothens your skin while protecting its pores from any harmful elements. Other beauty products like Olive C 4 in 1 special soaps that helps to battle acne is a four-in-one transparent soap. It also helps to prevent the formation of fine lines and helps to remove sun-damaged wrinkles.

Slimming secrets too are now making its presence in the beauty market. After embarking on a detailed and careful planning, OLIVE C SECRET  SLIMMING SOAP was introduced. No surgery, no diets-just rub and lather it on your target fat areas and you are guaranteed results. it contains seaweed fibers that helps absorb excess body fluids plus other herbal ingredients with no side effects.

For dry and delicate skin, OLIVE C Milk soap was meticulously developed from the same properties of milk to meet your sensitive skin’s needs.  An effective skin enhancer, Olive C Milk soap assures a youthful and healthy skin.  Since time immemorial, women have tapped the skin beautifying properties of milk by bathing in it.  The same skincare wonders that milk gives is now at the palm of your hands with Olive C Milk soap.